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Yes and Amen


Spirit of comfort and demand, of callings and questions, stirring, coaxing, leading:

Spell out in us today the strong little word that makes the difference. Give us your yes, and make it our own.

And if the yes you give us cools or fades from sight, find it with your all-seeing light in the recesses of our hearts, warm it up by your ardent breath, and put it back on our lips where it belongs.

Even as we kick and scream, doubt and wonder, ponder, brood and bargain, make us say it, live it, become it.

Crown us with it, and impel us to offer it and share it, rejoicing in the full life you are making for all by the liberating power of one small word. In other words, Amen.

When God’s Peace Descends Like Showers


When God’s peace descends like showers, soaking into thirsty ground,

Then the Spirit stirs our gladness, and we dance to sweetest sound;

then the desert greens and blossoms, then we drink from new-made springs;

then our hearts believe the promise, and the hope inside us sings.

When God’s peace is kindly given heart to heart by word and sign,

then the Spirit takes our sorrow, turns its water into wine;

turns good wine to joy unending, crowning all our human days,

‘till we sing to God in heaven, lost in wonder, love and praise.

When the peace of God is flowing fathoms deep and oceans wide,

then the Spirit calls her children face to face and side by side;

then the key of love unlocks us, chains are broken, hatreds end,

then we walk in freedom’s garden, lamb and lion, foe and friend.

O May My Life Be Bread: A Morning Offering

O may the Sower’s seed

fall in a ready place:

the open heart your furrowed field,

a clearing tilled by grace.

O may the promised rain

find buried grain down deep

and raise up singing shoots of wheat

where hope was fast asleep.

O may good workers come

to gather in the gold

and set a table in the world

with joy a hundredfold.

O may my life be bread

love-kneaded and increased

to feed the guests dear Love invites

to revel at the  Feast.

Rain: A Prayer of Thanks

There is too much to be thankful for.

The goodness of so many years

should be clearer; each face and word,

each discovery and delight delineated,

so that all may be praised accordingly,

with emotions appropriate to each thing.

But this much accumulated grace

is indistinct, it can’t be sorted.

It is like trying to pinpoint precisely why

sharp air in autumn pleases me,

or why, in the wee hours, hard rain

on the roof brings me acquiescing

to the fact of death.

There is too much to be thankful for.

Therefore let this accusation,

that you are too much for me,

stand for now in the place of praise.

Three Creeds


We believe in the God of Life, whose breath is in us

and whose mercy encircles the creation.

We believe in Jesus Christ, who loved us indestructibly

and who shared our pain.

He is with us now as he promised, even to the end of the age.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who welcomes us

into the household of faith, gives us gifts in abundance,

enlivens our hearts with joy, and urges us into the world

to testify without fear to God’s justice and grace.

Hoping against hope for the promised realm of peace,

we love one another while we live,

we honor every creature God has made,

we stand against the power of sin and death,

and we bless the earth and all that fills it.

Glory, thanks and praise be yours,

O Living God, now and forever!



We believe in the wideness of God’s mercy,

wider than the sea.

We believe that no one falls outside God’s care.

We believe that in Jesus Christ,

God embraced the human condition,

our shame and our glory.

Everyone is kin to us in him.

We believe that the Holy Spirit never rests,

but works in the world to gather every creature

and seat us together at the banquet of love.

We believe we are called to a ministry of grace,

a way of hospitality.

We believe that God’s mercy is ours, and ours to share.

We believe. Lord, help our unbelief.



We believe that the day is coming

when God’s grace will change the human heart,

and we will live as one with every living thing.

We believe that the day is coming

when Christ’s compassion will fill the earth,

and no one will do harm, be hurt, or feel alone.

We believe that the day is coming

when the Spirit’s freedom will unbind our souls,

and we will live generous lives for each other

with a joy no circumstance can alter.

We believe this day is coming,

and we wait and work for it with steadfast hope,

for God has promised it, and God is faithful.


Come, Lord Jesus!

Praise for the Incarnation


The Divine One became human so that human beings might become divine.” — Athanasius

You dress wildflowers in every hue,

they are lovelier than Solomon.

Birds of the air do not need barns,

you feed them every day.

No sparrow tumbles from the sky unnoticed,

you mark her place in your heart.

Every creature is the love of your life,

but you wrote human names

on your open palm,

you chose our flesh to live in,

you cast your lot with us.

We gave you our deepest wounds,

you gave us your shining.

For the mystery of earth-dust divinized

by your eternal choosing,

we thank you.

For the willing body of our Christ,

we sing astonished praise.

Prayer of Praise (First Lent)


You drive us by your Spirit

to live lost for a while

in the wild beasts’ place,

unpeopled, devoid of markers.

But your eye does not wander,

you know where we are.

In the restive night, you are near.

In dreams disturbed by demons,

in the heart’s decisive turning,

through all the testing time, you abide,

encamped with strength around us,

saving hand.

And when it is over (until another time),

the angels come from you,

oil in their flasks and bandages in hand.

Praise, honor and thanks to you

from breadstone and pinnacle,

city and treasure, ministering angels,

your holy people, and every creature on earth,

now and in the endless age to come.