The Lord Needs Them [Matthew 21:1-6]

It’s strange, to be sure, prompting many a doubt,

and even the scholars can’t figure it out

why Matthew, who no one would say is a dolt,

made Christ ride a donkey as well as her colt.

 Perhaps it was whimsy, just Matt being droll,

to mount the Messiah on filly and foal;

or maybe he found himself tied in a knot

when trying to make every tittle and jot

of prophecies old a meticulous fit

and didn’t know quite how to edit or quit

when verses came up that said “riding on two.”

We just can’t be certain, we don’t have a clue

why Christ so specifically (joking aside)

wants mother and offspring alike for his ride.

The question is open for you to opine

and your guess is good as the guess that is mine:

So I think that Jesus (this theory’s my own),

who knew what it’s like to be left all alone,

imagined the jenny apart from her foal

and felt donkey anguish knife into his soul,

and being a Mother himself, and so kind,

could simply not bear to leave baby behind.