A Prayer Upon Not Winning the Powerball Jackpot

If you, O Lord, are not awfully disappointed

that now I will not be able to solve

the financial problems of my congregation

and build several houses for the poor in Honduras

with the generous donation from my winnings

I had every intention of making had I won

(after, of course, taking care of my family and friends,

paying off the mortgage and the plastic

and buying a vacation house and a Mercedes,

silver if they have it),

then I suppose I’ll be fine too.

I’ll get over it, even ‘though

the thought of all the good I could have done with that money

is hard to let go of,

even ‘though you could have used me

and my millions to make a difference.

Oh well. I will not stop dreaming of doing good.

I have my numbers picked for when the jackpot gets big again.

Bless them. There’s so much I want.

To do, I mean.

For you, of course.


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