If God Can Find A Corner Small: A Carol for Christmas



If God can find a corner small,

a town constricted as a tomb,

to house the sweeping Life of all,

we too can find a little room.


If God requires but little space,

an unassuming mother’s womb,

to birth God’s spacious Gift of grace,

we too can be a little room.


If little room is room to spare,

a stable’s manger plain and rough,

to cradle everlasting Care,

we too have room, and room enough.


And even if we still mistake

a mansion’s pomp for God’s embrace,

whatever room we sinners make,

Good Love will gladly fill the place.


You can sing this carol to the tune, ANDREW, Hymn 467, “Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth’ in The New Century Hymnal. [You will need to repeat last line of each stanza of the carol in order to fit the tune’s meter]

A really lovely LM tune, NORWICH, was composed for that same text (“Mothering God”) by Carolyn Jennings. It is at # 735 in the Lutheran hymnal, Evangelical Lutheran Worship. And a wonderful choral setting of this same tune is by Zebuloma Highben, and can be found at Augsburg Fortress. I like this tune very much for this carol.

For a more meditative mood, you might use CONDITOR ALME, alternating verses between a soloist and the congregation, or choir and congregation.

13 thoughts on “If God Can Find A Corner Small: A Carol for Christmas

  1. Jeanne

    I love this and think it’s perfect for Advent 4, lighting the candle of Love which we’re combining with Mary and Annunciation this year. Can we use it here at Christ Church, United Methodist in Wellesley, MA? may we have permission? I was going to pair it with “Gift of Love” or “The River is Wide.” Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  3. vrkemper

    Love this. Would have loved to have it a month or two ago, since it fits so well with our “Making Room” Advent theme (would’ve gotten our minister of music to set it). Sigh. If you would only do your brilliant creating and sharing on MY schedule.

    1. sicutlocutusest Post author

      Well, you’re right… I fell down on the job! What’s your theme for next year? I’ll start now! (Feel free to use it any way you want if it is in any way still useful to you and yours.)

      1. Martha Spong

        No, no! I’m just laughing at myself. I read it and thought, oh! I must tell her how much I love that! And then saw my comment from last year. Granted, the circumstances are very different now, but the message still applies.

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