It’s O and O and O: A Carol for O Antiphon Week


O, O, said God, when at one word

the day burst forth from night:

O light, O lovely, God declared,

astounded by the sight.


O, O, cried Mary in alarm

when God begged her assent:

O mystery, O yes, she said,

unknowing what it meant.


O, O, a swimming Peter said

when Christ called through the mist:

O You, O Lord, his heart confessed,

unable to resist.


O, O, the longing church has sighed

through all things ill and well:

O Day, O Mystery, O Lord,

O come, Emmanuel!


And when our healing comes at last

we’ll hear a word we know;

for heaven makes but one sweet sound:

it’s O and O and O!


Note: May be sung to Brother James’ Air by repeating last two lines in each stanza.