Advent Communion Liturgy


Advent Communion



L: Come, people of God, come to the table of hope!

All: Our hope is in God, who made heaven and earth!

L: Come, people of God, come to the table of peace.

All: Christ is our peace, and healing for the nations!

L: Come, people of God, come to the table of life!

All: The Spirit will feed us and make us new!


L: You are our life, O God,

our hope from the beginning of time to the end of the age.

In your presence, water springs from dry ground,

grapes hang heavy on the vine,

and grain abounds in valleys of peace.

Your word brings joy to the desolate,

and your steadfast love awakens

even those who are sleeping in death.

Therefore, we who cling to your promise

and wait for a Child to lead us,

raise our hearts to you, and with everything that lives,

we proclaim your endless glory, as we sing:




Remembering and Giving Thanks 

L: And now, O God, with grateful joy, we remember Jesus.




L: We remember that he came to us humbly.

All:  He put aside the glory that was his.

L: We remember that he announced your favor.

All: He taught us to welcome your mercy.

L: We remember that he resisted evil,

loved well, and turned no one away.

All: He did your will, and trusted your love.


L: And we remember that on the night before he died,

eating supper with his friends,

he took bread, gave you thanks, and broke it.

He gave it to them and said:

Take this, all of you, and eat it.

This is my body, broken for you.

Whenever you do this, remember me.


And when they were finished eating,

he took a cup filled with wine.

He thanked you for it,

and passed it to them, saying:

This is the cup of a new covenant

poured out for you and for all,

so that sins might be forgiven.

Whenever you do this, remember me.


Prayer to the Holy Spirit  

L: Come, Holy Spirit, satisfy our hungry hearts.

Bless this grain from the field,

these grapes from the vine—

gifts you have given, and work of human hands.

As we share their goodness, 

give us love for each other

and make us servants of your peace,

until the new age of justice comes,

and every creature beholds it.

We pray in the name of Jesus, who taught us to say:  






Sharing Bread and Cup 



L: Let us give thanks for all the goodness we have received!

All: Thank you, holy God,

for life in the Spirit of Jesus,

for gladness in this bread and cup,

for love that cannot die,

for peace the world cannot give,

for joy in the company of friends,

for the splendors of creation,

and for the mission of justice

you have made our own.

Give us the fruits of this holy communion:

oneness of heart, love for neighbors,

forgiveness of enemies,

the will to serve you every day,

and life that never ends.

In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


8 thoughts on “Advent Communion Liturgy

  1. jpmullen

    I’m assuming the permission you granted above and planning to use this liturgy this Sunday, noting that it will be adapted, although only slightly for our worship format.

  2. Jackie Reily

    I’m at chaplain at the Scargill Community (A new monastic community in North Yorkshire). I’d also love to use the liturgy you’ve produced…would that be possible? And do I have your permission to slightly change one or two sentences?

    Many thanks

    Jackie Reily

    1. sicutlocutusest Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      Yes, by all means, use whatever you find useful. As for changes, I’m fine with those, too–only kindly make note in the attribution that the liturgy has been “adapted” by you. So…. “Communion liturgy by Mary Luti, adapted for use in this community by Jackie Reily.” Or something like that. Thanks for asking!

  3. mcbumble

    Hello, I just found this great blog! I am a chaplain at a large urban university, and am leading worship at a local congregation on Sunday, including communion. Do you give permission to use your liturgy, as long as I give credit? I would love to hear back from you soon! Thanks!

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