Prayer for the Second Sunday of Advent (Year C)

Advent God,

you are always coming to us

To open our hearts,

To heal our lives,

To refresh our spirits,

And to make a glad way

Through valleys of sorrow.

You are always coming to us,

The delight and desire of your heart.

Allow us now to come to you

To savor your presence,

To know your safety,

To enjoy your love,

To receive your blessing,

And to say our prayer

That your kingdom come,

And your will be done on earth

As in heaven.

Receive us today at your refiner’s fire,

In its light, all hearts are open

And nothing is hidden from you.

Purify in its flames

our desires and our deeds.

Teach us not be afraid of your judgment,

For your judgment is mercy,

And your mercy never ends.

We give you thanks for all the signs

of the coming of your New Age

even in our own day:

every chain that is broken,

every belly that is filled,

every gun that is laid down,

every gulf that is bridged,

every beauty that is created,

every promise that is made and kept,

and every candle lit in hope

against the night.

You are always coming to us,

And so we come to you,

And ask you to bless and heal

All in our company who are sick and troubled,

All who struggle with the ordinary things of life,

And all who are searching for the joy you promise.

Give to us all a good word to say

About who you are and what you desire,

A testimony that rings true

In a world exhausted with empty words.

Make us bold to share with the neighbors we serve

The joy you are for us

And the mercy you have offered us

Through Jesus Christ, our brother and friend,

In whose name we pray:  Our Father….