An Affirmation of Faith (Trinitarian)

We believe in God,

maker and re-maker of everything that is,

in whom there is always more,

and more to come;

and by whose wonder, work, and will,

even the dead find life.

We believe in God.


We believe in Jesus Christ,

maker and re-maker of tables and tales,

in whom the welcome is wide,

the feasting free;

and by whose weeping, words, and wounds,

even the lost are found.

We believe in Jesus Christ.


We believe in the Holy Spirit,

maker and re-maker of imagination,

whose eyes see over the horizon,

beyond the end;

and by whose urgency and fire,

even the truth gets told.

We believe in the Holy Spirit.


Therefore, we also believe

that everything that lives can be reborn,

all hidden things can come to light,

all broken things can be remade,

the empty larder can be filled,

and promises gone stale and hard

can taste like bread again.


And we believe the old, old Story can be told again

to thrill sad hearts like rediscovered love;

that even lost and frightened lambs like us

can be retrieved, restored to courage,

and declare the Truth

that makes the tyrants tumble

and the captives free.

14 thoughts on “An Affirmation of Faith (Trinitarian)

      1. Lori Doyle

        Thank you! This is powerful and lovely. I’d like to use it as well; should this be attributed to J.Mary Luti, or to Sicut Locutus Est? Again, thank you for sharing your creativity with us; you’re multiplying the blessings!

  1. Lorraine Gardner

    Hi. I connected to your blog via the RevGalBlogPal Facebook group. This affirmation of faith is so wonderful. I’d like to use it on Sunday with your permission (it will be printed in the bulletin). Thanks very much. 🙂


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