Prayer for Healing in Depression



Holy One,

I offer you my sadness and lethargy,

the gray pain of a dull body averse to song,

affronted by color and flesh.

Like this, without feeling a thing,

I am yours.

Take my life and hold it in your hand

as one holds a small bird fallen from a nest,

wounded by wind;

and in your kindness, restore me

to the heaven of your abiding presence.

Awaken me again to the beauty of earth

and to thankfulness for my life upon it.

I ask through Christ, my Lord.


2 thoughts on “Prayer for Healing in Depression

  1. Thomas

    Thank you for the prayer for Depression. Alot of people get depressed and turn to worldly things like alcohol, fornication etc whiles they forget that we have a living God who lives and reigns. You can alsorequest for special prayer here Prayer Request

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